Chongqing Mukun Technology was founded in 2016, adhering to the mission of integrating network resources to help enterprises to develop, and is committed to become a trustedInternet + customized solution service provider for enterprises. Mukun Technology focuses on the integration and innovation of network marketing technology, resources and services, and provides enterprises with various integrated network marketing solutions, e-commercesolutions and enterprise informatization services with advanced network technology. Mukunhas always believed that online marketing is an important part of an enterprise's overallmarketing strategy, including three major areas of website construction, internet promotion,traffic monitoring and data analysis. At present, we are exploring overseas markets andproviding overseas search promotion optimization services.




One-stop Website Construction Service "Never mediocrity, Only high-quality products" A good website is not only beautiful in appearance, but also fast in opening, good in user experience, diversified in style, high in user interaction and enhanced in user adhesion.

SEO Website Optimization "Superb technology, Regular optimization" we do much more than just website ranking. From inside to outside, we have new AI search optimization technology to make keywords to rank on the first page within 7 day.

Internet Marketing Promotion "Professional team, Extraordinary thought" promoting your brand and products in an all-round way, using Internet marketing techniques, laying out brand content with multiple platforms and diversification, to build a positive image of the enterprise.

Internet Brand Optimization "Quick response, Considerate service" to protect the website brand growing healthily.


一站式网站建设服务"拒绝平庸只出精品"好的网站不仅仅是外表美观, 网站打开速度快用户体验好风格多样化,用户互动性高,增强用户黏着度

SEO网站优化"技术精湛正规优化"我们做的远远不止是网站排名, 从站内到站外,人工智能全新搜索优化技术,最快7天关键词排名上首页


网络品牌优化"快速响应,贴心服务" 呵护企业品牌网站健康成长

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Complete Training System

We have different training programs for different groups, including the training of fresh employees, on-the-job employees, newly-appointed managers, echelon talents, business leaders, etc. to achieve growth and development of employees.

Fair and Transparent Career Development Channel

Mukun Technology pays attention to the career development of employees. Our company has designed a dual-channel development system of specialty and management, so that employeesengaged in different jobs can have sustainable career space in personal career development according to their work needs, abilities, interests and wishes.

Harmonious Working Atmosphere

United and cooperative relationship with colleagues, a free and harmonious working environment, humanized management and flexible working hours, which make employees to quickly integrate and strive for it. With fair, just and open communication environment, company has its own magazines, periodicals, intranets, and public accounts to satisfy theexpression of employees’ wishes.








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